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reducing plastic consumption

deo2go and its family of products are exclusively offered in tini’s which uses less than half the plastic of a standard travel size applicator and holds almost as much or more product—tini (80%) and tini plus (125%), reducing plastic consumption in the travel section

 by 34% - 66% per gram of product!  

size matters

tini envisions travel differently. Small enough to fit in your palm, your fifth pocket, your clutch, or hooked onto your belt loop, our goal is to make travel with these products practically indiscernible while still providing the convenience of multiple uses - on average 10 per unit.

100% all natural

we care about how our product is delivered to you, but we also care about what’s in it. deo2go and its family of products including sun2go and lip2go are made from 100% natural ingredients with no parabens or aluminum.

sourcing sustainably

Our goals is to ensure this product is 100% recyclable. As a member of 1% for the Planet, we've committed do donate no less than 1% of our sales to research that furthers the use of recycled plastics, so you know you are doing yourself and the world a favor when you travel tini

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